About Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is neither the largest city in Colorado (this honor is due to Denver) nor does it have world-famous sights to offer. If it is still worth a visit, it is mainly because of its beautiful, almost grandiose surroundings – without exaggeration.

Even considering the fact that tastes are different, it can be said that Colorado Springs is one of the most beautifully located cities in North America. And once you’re there, you’ll feel very much at home in the city itself and find worthwhile destinations for discovery tours.

Welcome to the foot of Pikes Peak!

But first back to the situation of Colorado Springs. The name says it all, the city is located in Colorado, one of the “Mountain States” of the USA. So the main attraction here are the mountains – and what kind of mountains! Colorado includes the southern part of the Rocky Mountains, the northeast of the Colorado Plateau and the western part of the Great Plains. That is truly something to be proud of! One of the most famous mountains and probably the one with the highest recognition value in the whole USA is the “Pikes Peak”, which everyone might have seen in a movie or an advertisement. At his feet lies Colorado Springs.

A mountain tour is probably the best way to get to know the city and its unique location. Want to go right up to Pikes Peak? On clear days the view from the summit is magnificent. The view then reaches Denver in the north and the Rocky Mountains in the west. Depending on your fitness you can reach the summit on foot, by car or by a small train. Arriving at the top, there is a nice café and a souvenir shop waiting for customers.

Who wants to save the “Pikes Peak”, the “Garden of the Gods” is recommended. The almost 600-hectare nature park offers interesting hiking trails that can be covered on foot, by bicycle or on horseback. Red rock formations stand out impressively from a green landscape and give an idea of what it might have looked like before the settlement. The visitor center is a large open-air museum in which the life of the settlers in earlier centuries is relived very vividly – partly with real actors! Speaking of centuries. Colorado was admitted to the United States of America in 1876 as the 38th country. It was then that the State Union itself celebrated its hundredth birthday. Colorado was therefore given the seat name “Centennial State”.

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Historical greetings from distant times

Colorado Springs wasn’t always called Colorado Springs. Near the former “Jamestown”, “El Dorado” was founded in 1859, which should have come very close to what we imagine today as a typical wild west town. The “Old Colorado City History Center”, which has its rooms in a former church, provides information about this. There, photos, exhibits, and objects of art remind us of the time of the great departure, the cowboys and the saloons. Especially ceramic works from the “Van Briggle Art Pottery” should not be overlooked. They enjoy a worldwide reputation among collectors and have not only been exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York but also at the Louvre in Paris. Afterwards, it makes sense to stroll along nearby Colorado Avenue, visit studios and galleries there and finally eat in one of the many good restaurants.

Art is written in capital letters in this city

The inner city of Colorado Springs seems almost a bit European. Wide boulevards, elegant houses – the founding fathers certainly didn’t have a cheap collection of buildings in mind when this city was conceived. What exactly her vision was can be seen at the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum, while the ProRodeo Hall of Fame is all about the history of the rodeo and the cowboys who made this sport famous. But also the fine arts have their place in this city. At the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, for example, visitors can view a select collection of paintings including works by O’Keeffe, Russell, and Audubon.

Sporty, sporty!

The excellent sporting opportunities that Colorado Springs offers all year round are perhaps one of the reasons why it is home to the United States National Olympic Committee. This also means that various sports associations are based here, which in turn like to see the city as a venue for major competitions. Visitors can, therefore, prepare themselves for the fact that during their stay some national, perhaps even international championships will certainly be held. For sports fans, this is certainly one more reason to spend an interesting holiday here.